Razor Press

Static Site Generator for fast Content & Documentation

Simple, Powerful, Fast, Flexible & FREE! Use Razor Pages to generate beautiful Tailwind static websites powered by Markdown & enhanced with Vue

Auto deploys to GitHub Pages to Host for FREE on GitHub CDN

Why Razor Press?

Focus on your writing

Effortlessly create beautiful documentation websites with minimal, distraction-free markdown content

Use Razor Pages

Use C# and Razor Pages to create rich, flexible multi-layout, hybrid Markdown & Razor statically generated websites

Enhance with Vue

Enhance your documentation with interactive Vue components, embedded directly in Markdown pages

Markdown Features

Use built-in Markdig features and extensions to easily create beautiful and consistent Markdown-powered content

Great Dev UX

Enjoy the great dev experience of dotnet watch and tailwindcss tools, preview most changes without server restarts

Ship Fast, Reliable Sites

Enjoy the performance, reliability and portability benefits of hosting static content on any CDN

Getting Started

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